s fair given that I tried quite a bit to overcome the instability to no avail. I spent several FULL days working with it and it seemed to me that the more complex my project got the more often it crashed on me. Towards the end it was crashing at least once every 15 minutes. With regard to the crashes I experienced, I attempted many things to fix it, including uninstalling any other software related to video processing, fully reinstalling QuickTime (required by Premiere Elements, and fully uninstalling Premiere followed by a reinstall. I also went through the Adobe online support site and tried all the suggestions that I found. Nothing fixed the instability. I considered rebuilding my system or creating a boot partition of Windows XP just to see if it worked on XP, but decided it wasn't worth the effort. I am most definitely NOT a novice computer user and I have a system that more than meets the system requirements for this product (Windows Vista loaded on a Q6600 (Quad core) with 3 GB of RAM, a Nvidia 8xxx series GPU, and a 750 GB hard disk. An off the shelf product should work off the shelf. Since SOME other reviewers do not have instability problems, I must conclude that whether or not you'll experience instability issues is going to be dependent on your exact computer and the software on it. Therefore, I would highly recommend downloading a trial version ofthe software from Adobe and doing some serious editing before paying for the software. In my opinion, it was probably released before it was fully baked so that it would be available for the 2008 Holiday season and could be packaged with Photoshop Elements 7. As for me, I'll probably be using different software for my video editing. 2008-12-08
US 49435726 R1BXFYU7K2OZJD B001HOD50K 267291789 H&R Block TaxCut 2008 Premium Federal + State + e-file Software 1 93 115 N N TaxCut Lowered the Price BUT Also Cut State e-File Without Telling Anyone! Last year's TaxCut 2007 Premium Federal + State + e-file software INCLUDED BOTH e-filing for the Federal return AND e-filing for 1-State return.

This year, the 2008 version DOES NOT INCLUDE FREE e-filing for the state return!

Last year I paid $59.95 for this version of the software.

This year the software cost me $49.99,but now I have to shell out another $19.95 to e-file my state return!

That's an increase of 16.66% over last year's version by the very same name!

I am MOST disappointed in the fact that NO WHERE on the packaging does it say that e-filing for the state was not included, or that it would cost extra.

I expected more from a reputable company as H&R Block, and feel that they have stooped to both deceptive and evasive advertising practices in order to improve their bottom line by short changing repeat customers.

No matter how you cut it, I'm paying $10 more than I paid last year AND I got blind-sided by a company name I thought I knew and trusted!

SOMEWHERE on the package it should have said e-filing for state returns is no longer included and will now cost an additional $19.95.

I realize this is by no means equal in comparison to what Intuit has done to their TurboTax customers, but still, the makers of TaxCut should be held to the same standard, and therefore, they should be \\"called-out\\" for their most recent and deceptive pricing scheme!

I rated this 1-star because I was a long term customer that was both deceived and let down by a company and product I thought was above this kind of nonsense!

It made me feel like a parent reading a cereal box to see what's changed now that it says, \\"new and improved\\", when all you really find out is they cheapened the ingredients and reduced the amount you get in the box! 2008-12-08