ame most certainly applied to my age group. The game centered around the idea that you answer trivia questions. The game initially featured a sprite that covered the important parts of exposed women. As you answered trivia questions the sprites that covered the nudity began to go away. You got 20 sets of questions, and each set contained at least three women (sometimes a set may feature two women competing in place of a single player).

Personally I likedthe game. The questions were similar to what a college student might be asked on a intro level test. There are some really silly questions like how many letters are in the alphabet. Remember this game is aimed at drunk college kids who are playing in their dorm. Once you finish a set, you can replay the set seeing full nudity without having to remove the filter. You can choose random questions and they relate to sports and other categories. These rate from easy to okay. I would say the questions were similar to what you might find in a sports bar that has a electronic trivia game that you can play as you wait for your meal.

Now the problem with this game is that you getting the questions right didn't really matter. During a set, you are asked questions, and immediately after the question they play a video of the women about to answer the question. At that time you have to either guess if they get it right or choose which answer you think they might give. Getting these right made a gauge go up that slowly removed the filtered that covered the nudity. If the girls get the question wrong, they have to flash themselves in the first part of the set. On the second part of the set, the girls are always wrong. So in the 20 set you get, and the at least three women in each set, you might not see them flash during the first half but you are guaranteed to see each girls in a set flash at least twice. In some sets that occur while in other sets you might see them flash at most 4 times for 4 questions.

Now granted I liked the Guy Game. I thought it was funny at best. There were some hilarious moments and I think I had a good laugh while playing the game. A lot of critics out there stated that the game was solely focused on seeing nudity. While this might have been true in certain regards, I felt the game was suppose to be a comedy and was suppose to be enjoyed and laughed at used as a mature trivia game that you played with other college aged peers. Now granted most of us who enjoyed the Guy Game are a lot older now, the game is still somewhat funny being played.

The Guy Game was wrong in so many level. For starters, no other game featured actual nude women and the makers took a bold step in trending in that direction. Those of you who followed the history of this game would know that the Guy Game backfired. I believe the studio that made the Guy Game was a start up and this was their first and last title. There were several things wrong about this game. Firstly, the way they recruited these women to flash themselves was simply by going to a Spring Break party and going around asking women to play in this game. It's no doubt that most of these women aged about the same as the players who played it. I can't imagine that this was a good choice especially considering that their faces and body were shown in full light and no doubt recognizing someone who was in the Guy Game would be awkward and humiliating. I don't think this is unique too considering that immediately after the release of this game. one of the women featured in the game tried to sue the company. The woman claimed that she was 17 during the time of the game. She proved this with her birth certificate and a judge immediately ordered Microsoft and Sony to stop selling this game. Amazingly the game still sold in stores during this period but no new copies were being made. As the court case went into play, the Guy Game maker proved that the woman tricked them into saying she was 18 and the judge simply dismissed the case and no other action was taken. Even though the maker of Guy Game won the case, it certainly caused them to go bankrupt. They made a last ditch effort on releasing a DVD of the game I believe called \\"Game Over for Guy Game\\" or something to that effect. In the end, the company lost and the game was a complete failure. I can't imagine any other company would want to venture into the full motion video concept of nudity after this disaster.

I had to buy the Guy Game again mainly because I lost my other copy. This game is truly a unique title to add to your ps2 collection and the big thing is that the supply of this game is slowly fading so it's becoming rare. The PS2/Xbox era featured a lot of unique games and this is one of them you have to add to your collection. It might not have been a awesome game, but it certainly had its place in history. 2014-04-04
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